Plainview Part-Time Options Program****PLAINVIEW SCHOOL DISTRICT RE-2
13997 County Road 71
Sheridan Lake, Colorado 81071
**Phone 719-729-3331 FAX 719-729-3451****Plainview Part-Time Options Program is part of a public school, Plainview School District Re-2. The program is designed to support parents who an alternative education pathway (e.g. homeschool) by allowing families to choose the best fit for their lifestyle and educational philosophy. Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with the school supplementing and complementing their efforts through online and enrichment opportunities.****Families participating in the program receive limited instruction and educational materials at no cost. This is possible because, as a public school, Plainview School District RE-2 receives a portion of the PPOR (Per Pupil Operating Revenue) distributed at the state level for each enrolled student. This money is used to pay salaries, for curriculum and other costs associated with running the program.****Each Vilas Options student must spend a minimum of 90 hours per semester with a licensed teacher, for a minimum of 180 hours per school year. This is approximately 5 – 6 hours per week.*MY TECH HIGH
K-12 Grades
Tuition Free

  • Online/hybrid
  • College Credit Available
  • Community Class Funding
  • Tech Allowance
  • Supplemental Core and Elective Courses
  • Project-based Tech and Entrepreneurship Courses

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July 2024


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